Landbanking with Velur...

Of all forms of real estate investments, vacant land probably presents one of the greatest opportunities for financial arbitrage.  For the most part, land investing follows the analogy of our hands-- 

Each parcel is like the fingers that make up the hand although side by side, they are extremely unique over the other.

Hence, the biggest risk in land is not what you see, but what you do not.  Typical land transactions are Buyer Beware which leaves the potential investors open to all risks that may prevent the specific land parcel to achieve highest and best use.

We begin by conducting thoroughly a Comprehensive Analysis for all the parcels in consideration.  Second, we do not represent any outside listings.  When a parcel is finally determined to become a part of our exclusive inventory, we become the first owners assuring our potential buyers of the highest quality land parcels while eliminating the first-mover risk.  We conduct careful Needs Analysis for each of our buyers to see if landbanking is right for their financial goals.

Most importantly, since land is an equity investment that is long-term, after sales services are critical to achieve success.

For this reason, we have developed an extremely unique
*Three Points of Service exclusive only to our buyers.